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Zuidschermer, NH, 1846

Dramatic Fine-Art Landscape Photography, Processing Instructions and Photography Tours by Daniel Laan.

10% for Earth

10% for Earth


10% of Sales go Directly Back to the Planet

With every workshop you book with Laanscapes; every video you purchase and every processing session over Skype, 10% of that fee is reserved for rebuilding the forest, light pollution awareness programs and efforts to get rid of plastic bags, aside from other environmental projects.

Here's a transparent list of projects I've invested in since I started doing this in 2018:

Up Next: Rewilding the Carpathians

The Carpathian Mountains in Romania have some of the most intact ecosystems in Europe. These mountains are a treasure of biodiversity and a shared heritage that should remain for future generations to enjoy peacefully.


10 trees for A Mossy Earth initiative: On the 26th and 27th of August a wildfire burned through a large area of the Douro Natural Park. It was one of the many fires that ripped through Portugal in 2017. A summer which not only saw an abnormal 120,000 hectares burn but also the worst loss of life in the country this century, 65 victims in one day.

Our goal is to create a continuous native forest which is fire resistant and a safe-haven for wildlife. 

The first species to return will be the vultures who nest in the nearby cliffs. The enormous griffon vulture and the endangered and peculiar Egyptian vulture both nest on the crags and cliffs of this valley. 

Soon after the first week of good rain the grasses will start growing and, within a few weeks, they will attract insects and small mammals. These will in turn attract larger mammals such as bobcats and also birds of prey such as the golden and bonelli eagles.

Within a few years we will be re-introducing wild horses to graze the land. This together with the mix of tree species will increase the fire-resistance of the forest.