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Zuidschermer, NH, 1846

Dramatic Fine-Art Landscape Photography, Processing Instructions and Photography Tours by Daniel Laan.

5 Landscape Photography Trips for The Coming Year


Behind the Scenes - The making of a Landscape Photograph. Every now and then, Laanscapes discusses how the scenes came into being. This blog is a chronicle of some of the best making-ofs.

5 Landscape Photography Trips for The Coming Year

Daniel Laan

The workshop season is about to kick off. I'm looking forward seeing the mountains again, as much as I look forward to seeing like-minded people on my travels. So what's in store the next twelve months?


Before leading a tour somewhere, It's hugely important to get to know an area. Knowing its jewels, its landscape photography hotspots, accommodations and local people, but also its dangers. While I'm going on holiday with my wife in Madeira next month, I'm going here with a bit of a mixed agenda. As well as spending quality time together and relaxing in small-scale accommodations away from the masses, I look forward to a couple of photography projects.

  • Ancient trees in the misty Fanal

  • Milky Way tracking above the clouds at Pico Ruivo (1862m)

  • A walk through primeval Laurisilva forest

  • The seastacks of Ribeira da Janela that kind of look like Reynisdrangar

Dolomites Tour 2018

Right after I return from Madeira, I'll empty the memory card at home, charge up the batteries and go straight back to the airport for the Epic Dolomites Tour with Isabella Tabacchi. The tour is fully booked for this year, but I'm sure 2019 holds a mountain tour as well.


Next, I'm shooting a friend's wedding in central Italy, but I'm sure there's room for landscape photography near Foreste Casentinesi as well. :)

Reinhardswald, Germany

For only a couple of days in high summer, I'll be visiting the enchanted beech forests of Reinhardswald to do this:


Maybe there's a thunderstorm or two on the way, so it will be a long weekend packed to the brim with photography opportunities.

French Alps

Come Autumn, I meet up with my good friend Martin as it's "Epic Mountain Selfie Time" in the area around Chamonix. We'll go all touristy here, no exploration of deep forests or mountain corries planned yet. This is the first stage of planning for a photo tour. To get an understanding of the tourist hotspots and what subjects people like to take pictures of.

 This is actually Switzerland,  but it gives an idea of the images I'm after around Mont Blanc.

This is actually Switzerland,  but it gives an idea of the images I'm after around Mont Blanc.

Lofoten 2019

As winter encroaches the North, we're flying straight into snow-covered lands to meet up with the northern lights again. This is the second time I'm going here with Isabella Tabacchi and we've learned a lot from our first tour of this majestic location. This time, we're doing a little less of those tourist magnets, especially during the tour extension where we drive up to the north. Here's one image from that tour that was shot next to the road north:

 More stuff like this during the 2019 Lofoten Tour

More stuff like this during the 2019 Lofoten Tour

There's a lot more interest for this tour. Probably because the Lofoten are ramping up to be the next Iceland, while being not yet as crowded. It's one of the best locations to view the aurora borealis in the world, so to scratch that off your bucket list, I'll invite you to our week-long tour of the Lofoten in Norway:


Lofoten Tour 2019

Let's Photograph the Northern Lights together.