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Zuidschermer, NH, 1846

Dramatic Fine-Art Landscape Photography, Processing Instructions and Photography Tours by Daniel Laan.

Nightscape Processing "Destiny"

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Nightscape Processing "Destiny"

Laanscapes © - Destiny - AFTER.jpg
Laanscapes © - Destiny - BEFORE.jpg
Laanscapes © - Destiny - AFTER.jpg
Laanscapes © - Destiny - BEFORE.jpg

Nightscape Processing "Destiny"

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Watch me edit “Destiny”. This video is an easy to follow editing tutorial that shows my entire nightscape workflow. There is no sound. There are some annotations to clarify what’s going on. PSD included that features all of the layers and adjustments done in this video (it’s a lot!).

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This video contains almost two hours of processing, so my recommendation would be to watch it in two parts. This is my entire workflow for creating a “Space Selfie”. Subjects covered:

  1. Optimal raw conversion for post-processing
  2. Stacking the foreground
  3. Compositing (Putting it all together)
  4. Enhancing Satellites
  5. Enhancing the Milky Way without Increasing Noise (Noise Control)
  6. Color Processing
  7. Making a feature from Light Pollution
  8. Luminosity Processing / masks through Raya Pro by Jimmy McIntyre
  9. Enlarging and enhancing individual stars
  10. Orton effect creation and control
  11. Cleaning hot/stuck/dead pixels


Note that you will be downloading a "read me" document which contains a secure download link. The video is very large (over 3GB), so I can't host it at my website. This will ensure a good quality playback while the download will be done relatively quickly.