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Zuidschermer, NH, 1846

Dramatic Fine-Art Landscape Photography, Processing Instructions and Photography Tours by Daniel Laan.


Latest Mystical Landscape Photography by Daniel Laan.

Fine-Art Landscape Photography by Daniel Laan

Daniel Laan is a landscape photographer, outdoor enthusiast, teacher and writer. While his dramatic landscape photography has gained international acclaim, his pursuit of the light is primarily a means to get to know himself. Daniel teaches introspective landscape photography around the world through running tours and workshops. Learn more about Daniel »

What's New?

Another new processing video! This one is the biggest one to date. It teaches you to edit northern lights images, start to finish. Four hours of premium processing instruction over three videos. (1) Process only in Lightroom, (2) pre-process multiple exposures and blend them together and (3) post-processing for mood and impact in Photoshop. and no filler.

 We’re working on this image! Check it out  here

We’re working on this image! Check it out here

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It’s autumn! To celebrate: Mushrooms Video €10 off!

A front-row seat for a behind-the-scenes look at my work.

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