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EN Scotland Tour Oct 2019 - Co-host: Juan Pablo de Miguel

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Photography Workshops and Photo Tours led by Daniel Laan & Award Winning Landscape Photographers. We adjust to your level and raise your photography game with respect to your own style and preferences.

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EN Scotland Tour Oct 2019 - Co-host: Juan Pablo de Miguel

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North-West Scotland Photography Tour: 8 Days in Full Autumn Colour

That's right. In the most colourful season of the year, award-winning professionals Daniel Laan and Juan Pablo de Miguel (ES) are taking you on a 8 day journey through the stunning Scottish Highlands.

Of course Skye is included, but don't forget Glen Affric which looks positively stunning in fall colour. We'll drive through Glen Coe and stop at Loch Ness as well, but what's special about this photography workshop in the North-West is that I will teach you to come up with some original shots on well imaged locations like the Quiraing, Old Man of Storr and the Fairy Pools. Post-Processing is of course included!

Scotland: A place that leaves you wanting for more. No matter the weather.

Falls of Braan


Let's enter the temperate rainforest together.

In short

Dates: October 6-13 2019 (8 days)
Location: North-West Scotland, UK
Available seats: ☆☆☆☆☆☆★ (6/7 left)
Your Photo Experience: ★☆☆☆☆
Your Physical Condition: ★★☆☆☆ (Walk to Old Man of Storr is 45 minutes of slow ascent)
Teachers: Daniel Laan & Juan Pablo de Miguel
Language: English (main)

Price of the Tour: 3200 EURO (8 days, double rooms)

Single room supplement: +500 EURO (All Single Rooms)
Bring your friends discount: 150 EURO Discount for you and your friends!

Full payment due: 23rd of May 2019
Reservations closing: 13th of April 2019

Arrival & Pickup: Edinburgh Airport, Oct 6th 2019 - preferably around 10-11AM local time, or the day before (not included)
Departure & Drop-off: Inverness Airport, Oct 13th 2019 - preferably no earlier than noon (12:00) local time.

Included:Two professional landscape photographer guides and all tuition. Post-processing session, all transportation between locations and airport shuttle service. Accommodation in double occupancy rooms (supplement for single occupancy).

Not included: Flights and associated costs. Private insurances, taxes, duty and visa fees. Meals not included, nor any personal items including (alcoholic) beverages, snacks, souvenirs and travel insurance.

Scotland at its Finest

"When I first visited Scotland some 15 years ago, I remember vividly how rough and empty the countryside looked. And yet, everything aside from the highest peaks were so very accessible. In a landscape photography sense, this place is a diamond in the rough that goes through polishing every single year.

In autumn, when the larches, birches and beeches turn an eye-blinding yellow, there isn't much left to the imagination. The highlands, and in particular the temperate rainforests of the North-West are truly the stuff of every outdoor photographer's dream. This is why I've returned to Scotland over and over. Now it's time I want to take you to the most unique locations I've photographed."


 Glen Affric enjoys the last bit of sunlight in dark clouds.

Glen Affric enjoys the last bit of sunlight in dark clouds.

DSC_2832 copia 2.jpg

Let's discover what’s in store on this unforgettable trip!


Day 1 – Arrival and The Hermitage / Tay Forest Park

The day is here. We meet on the 6th of October at Edinburgh airport. We depart at 12 in the afternoon, because we'll have a bit of a drive before us. You'll discover the fascinating woodland of Tay Forest Park, and its hidden gem, the Falls of Braan. We'll work with the afternoon light and as it softens, we'll try our hand at spooky forest images.

Catch the Spirit
DSC_2194 copia 2.jpg
 If you're into it, I will show you how you could do this. The damp forest is crawling with mushrooms of all shapes and sizes.

If you're into it, I will show you how you could do this. The damp forest is crawling with mushrooms of all shapes and sizes.

Day 2 - Rannoch Moor & Glen Coe

An early walk in the forest will probably set our imaginations afoot. It's quite normal that these parts are veiled in mists. So we enter the boundless forests again in the morning before heading to a completely different landscape.

 Rannoch Moor is a desolate, wet place. With heavy rainclouds, this swamp turns into a fantasy landscape.

Rannoch Moor is a desolate, wet place. With heavy rainclouds, this swamp turns into a fantasy landscape.

Rannoch Moor is one such place that definitely requires waterproof boots and gaiters to be comfortable. But don't let the moist grasses hold you back. We'll spend time here to teach you about controlling the light and choosing a composition among this vast wet plain.

In the late afternoon, we'll drive up to Glen Coe and shoot the Three Sisters, and the beautiful, towering Buachaille Etive Mòr mountains. We'll stay in the valley for twilight before turning in. With some luck, we might even capture a hint of the Northern Lights from here, although our chances rise with our travel northwards and onto the Isle of Skye.

The Great Herdsman
DSC_2853 Panorama_b_0 copia 2.jpg

Day 3 - Glen Coe & Glenfinnan Viaduct (Harry Potter!)

We'll come back to Glen Coe in the morning to get close to some of the small but spectacularly beautiful waterfalls in front of Buachaille Etive Mòr.  We have some free time in the afternoon that we spend on answering all of your questions about composition, atmosphere and post-processing. Let us know what you're up against and we will help you get over your personal hurdles. There are also some tame Red Deer nearby, which are very fun to visit!

DSC_2651 copia 2.jpg

In the evening, it's time to drive on a bit towards a the Glenfinnan viaduct. This place has been scene to so many movies that it's hard to keep count. Most significantly, it's the place where Harry Potter first met the wicked Dementors. We hope to create such a dark atmosphere with the fading light and some clever post-processing techniques. We will greet the incoming steam-train on the hill before we turn into bed back at Glen Coe.

Day 4 - The Isle of Skye - The Fairy Pools & Black Cuillin

Today is a long drive. But damn is it worth it. Once we cross the bridge that connect the mainland and Skye, we'll have a couple of days to explore this amazingly photogenic Island that's part of the stunning Hebrides.

We will enter the valley inside the Black Cuillin that's renowned for its azure blue Fairy Pools and waterfalls.

Fairy Pools

We'll spend the better part of this evening here as well. Hopefully we'll catch a starry night to complement these craggy mountains, but then we'll move into our hotel on the Trotternish peninsula where we'll enjoy soft beds for two nights.

Day 5 - The Isle of Skye - Old Man of Storr & Processing Session

A visit to Skye with cameras cannot be complete without a morning hike to the Old Man of Storr. We'll depart well before dawn in order to put you in the heart of The Sanctuary of the Storr when the light is at its best. Even in clear skies this place looks like its pulled straight from a Tolkien tale. In fact, this place resembles Weather Top from the films so much, that at least some inspiration must have been pulled from this very place.

DSC_2367 copia 2.jpg

Post-Processing in Scottish Style

The reason that we're staying for another night in this hotel, is that we can catch additional sleep in the early afternoon when the light doesn't cooperate anyway. We want you bright and rested for today's post-processing session. We will spend time to take your images from your trip so far to the next level during a full post-processing workshop. I will show you an example and take it from start to finish, before giving everyone a chance to ask your most critical questions. We start with with basic adjustments in Lightroom and Camera Raw and end up with handling complex blends in Photoshop. No matter your expertise, this editing session is informative and well thought-out to show you exactly what you can do to boost your images and translate your vision into practice.

 Post-processing in Scottish Style! Due to our small group, we'll grab a laptop and show exactly how to get those moody results. There's enough personal attention and guidance to get your images looking better. Don't worry about your current level.

Post-processing in Scottish Style! Due to our small group, we'll grab a laptop and show exactly how to get those moody results. There's enough personal attention and guidance to get your images looking better. Don't worry about your current level.

Day 6 – The Quiraing

On Trotternish, you've got two separate areas of geological interest. One is the Storr we visited the day before and the other is the Quiraing. Since both face the East, it's only natural that we go here for sunrise again. With rock formations adorned with fantastical names such as The Prison and The Needle, we will have our hands full of photography in this area at least until noon.

The Quiraing, and actually the whole of Skye, is a rather austere-looking place, even for Scottish standards. It is with this realization that we pack up and prepare to leave this impressive island. We're now heading off for the central highlands where some of the most spectacular glens are brimming with autumn colour.

Day 7 – Plodda Falls & Glen Affric

From the raw, earthquake-struck crevices on Skye, we've entered a very different Scotland. There's a small but verdant woodland up in the farthest reaches of the central Glens. This is where we meet Plodda Falls.

Moss Gully

The lower part of the waterfall is spectacular enough, but if we come topside on the return from our hike, there's an amazing abstract view of the autumn trees that I want you to experience for yourself:


Day 8 – Sunrise and Departure at Inverness

When we depart from our last hotel together, we still have some good light ahead of us. So, on our drive to the airport of northern Scotland, we have a chance at seeing the sunrise from in between the Scottish glens.

I'm personally looking forward to showing you why Scotland has such a warm place in my heart. The landscape as well as the warmth of the people here are the reasons why I return to this place over and over again. You're going home with hundreds of photos and a host of new friends.

Physical Requirements

Most of our destinations are easily accessible by car and on foot. Just the 45 minute hike to the Old Man of Storr is a bit steep. We do take an important precaution. We leave early. No hurries and lots of time when the light is good. The hike in the Quirang is much easier, but longer. We expect to be on foot for at least two hours. Again, with lots of pauses in between and time to plant your tripod.

Your condition: ★★☆☆☆ (Just be willing to walk on some occasions)

Please do not come on this trip when you have a heart condition, suffer from epilepsy or severe asthma or when you have a bad leg. This will hinder our ability to show you everything we have in store, but more importantly, it will jeopardize the positive experience of your fellow participants.

Payment and Reservation

We request that you pay € 800 through either PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer in advance to secure a seat in our cars. You can pay the rest later (but before May 23rd) through Bank Transfer.

Option 1: Reservation by Credit Card or PayPal

Click the button below to open the reservation page in a new window. We take PayPal and most Credit Cards.


Option 2: Reservation by Bank Transfer

Alternatively, you can also reserve a seat on our tour bus by wire transfer. Simply click the button below and enter your details. We will contact you within 72 hours with our bank details to complete your reservation.

Cancellation and refunds

Unfortunate things can happen to anyone. Therefore we handle a refund policy when you have made reservations for this tour but can’t make it in the end due to whatever the circumstance. Based on the full fee of the tour, we strictly handle this schedule to cover the costs made on our end.


Cancel 60 days before the start of the tour or more: Full refund minus € 200 service charge.
45 days or more: 75% refund
30 days or more: 50% refund
Less than 30 days: No refund


10% for Earth

The majesty of Earth is what makes this all possible. So we're giving back what can miss. Ten percent of this tour's fundraising will go straight back into conservation efforts, like reforestation, protecting wildlife, rewilding and light pollution reduction. Read about these efforts here.

Disclaimer - The Weather in Scotland

Scotland must be the place where the weather is always changing on a whim. I will ask of you to bring your best rain gear and an even better attitude towards photography. We will be shooting come rain, come shine. However, protection of yourself and your gear is your own responsibility. Rest assured though, that the drizzle only adds to the atmosphere of your work. So we will gladly make use of the ever changing Scottish weather.

About your Instructors

Daniel teaches photo workshops on location and at the computer, as post-processing is very much part of the package. He give talks on the art and science of photography and constantly trains to be a better photographer himself, because he never ceases to learn.

He has traveled to Scotland many times over the last 15 years and looks forward to showing you what's on offer in this stunning landscape.

Daniel Laan

Moody, ominous landscape photography is as much his passion as it is Daniel's career. For more than a decade now, he fostered the mindset of developing a specific dark and moody style of photography that shows a part of himself through his images. He has a deep appreciation for the landscape, the weather and finds something of beauty among trivial subjects.

With a degree in design and visual communication and over 15 years of experience in Photoshop, it's Daniel's goal to train you to look at the landscape differently.

While explaining everything from pre-visualizing to exporting for the web or for print, you will uncover a truth. That the stunning landscape of Scotland, isn't there to take home with you. The most important aspect of this phototour is not to bag the best locations (although you're in for a treat in Scotland!), but to appreciate your surroundings better. You will want to become aware of things that others walk straight by.

It is with a particular mindset that Daniel will make you a better artist; and that is something you can take home with you.

Unfurl -COOL


Juan Pablo de Miguel is a winner of several international competitions and with his work published as magazine covers for no less than National Geographic, GEO Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, Indonesia Colors, Digital Photo, Digital Photographer, Digital SLR, NYC|The Huffington Post, Daily Telegraph, Microsoft, Google, Practical Photographer, Samsung, Forbes, Outside Magazine and numberless online publications and travel guides and agencies.

See more work of JP »

Juan Pablo de Miguel

An editorial, landscape and cityscape photographer based in Madrid, Spain, with a great collection of inspiring and versatile landscapes and BW fine-art photos, all sharing a unique style of his artistic signature.

Juan Pablo teaches photography and advanced post processing techniques all over the world while developing his own digital processing techniques.

He's using photography as a medium for inspiration and a means to understand the world. Specializing in European and American fine art landscapes, admires the works of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Carleton Watkins and the diversity of many he encounters, networking on the Web.

The hope is, in some small way, to instill the essence of the incredible vistas he has had the opportunity to see, within others.

Do you want to learn at your own pace and only the techniques that matter? Focus on your strengths and improve your weaknesses? Then a workshop with JP is one you will not forget.

DSC_0088-1 copia 2.jpg

Indemnity Waiver

All participants are required to sign this standard document before the start of the tour. Find it here.